And get your free money after registration

    Depending on your country of birth, you will be directed to one of the gaming hall offering free money. Register and you will get a free bonus to play a few selected games in these gaming halls. If you get lucky, you will manage to win some money and have them transferred directly to your bank account.

    2 in 10 players will earn money with this system

    Why the gaming halls are giving away free money? Find out below

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To get your free money, you will have to choose your country of origin and complete the registration process inside the webpage of the gaming you are redirected to All you need to do is register and you will get credited in 24h a free bonus in your gaming account. You can play with that bonus free of charge, and if you get lucky you can keep your winnings!

Why these gaming halls give you free money?

There is a lot of competition between online gaming halls, simply because there are so many of those - all they want is to have more players, and one of the strategies to attract players is to give them free money. They expect you to lose such amount, and then start using your own money to play. Don't make this mistake. If you lose the free bonus, that's it, close the gaming hall web page and do not play there anymore. 

My country is not on the list: can I play?

During the registration process in the gaming hall, you will be requested to insert your country of origin. If you are country is there, you can play. If not, it is pointless to continue: if you win something and the gaming hall realize that your country of origin is not the country you used at registration, your winnings won't be credited to you.